Southwest Redwingers Membership

We, the collectors of Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery, strive, by virtue of our bylaws, to promote the collecting of

Red Wing and other United States Pottery and Stoneware, to better learn about and understand Red Wing collectibles,

to enhance friendships among other stoneware and pottery collectors, to recruit new members, to support our

elected officials, and to be at all times a credit to the SOUTHWEST REDWINGERS (Arizona Chapter). 

Any collector, dealer or lover of Stoneware and Pottery who subscribe to the philosophy set forth in the Preamble,

and is a member of the Red Wing Collector Society shall be eligible for membership in the Chapter and shall be

afforded all rights and privileges of the Chapter.  Two types of membership are available; Family and Honorary. 

(Contact our membership chairman for more detailed information on the two membership types.)

Dues, if applicable, are payable annually in advance, upon joining the Chapter. For anyone joining the Chapter in the middle

of the Calendar Year, dues shall be prorated to the year end and their subsequent anniversary, will become the following January. 

Annual dues are $15.00, and afford the new member the following rights and privileges:

Purchase a commemorative, Receive the newsletter, Attend chapter meetings, Hold elective office, Attend special Club sponsored outings and events.


For more information about joining the Southwest Redwingers please contact our Chairman, Kent Williamson, by clicking HERE.

You'll Be Glad You Did!!